Chip and pin without the pin

Cambridge University have created a device that can use your chip and pin card without the pin. This large device can’t be used at ATM’s. It is for the small terminals used to carry out transactions in shops. When the device is entered into the terminal with the card attached the user can use any four digit number and the transaction will go through.

This device is only the prototype but works effectively. As it is only a prototype Cambridge University have said the device could be made could made much smaller and fit into the palm of your hand fooling unsuspecting shop assistants.

The good news is this device can only be used with your physical card so don’t lose your debit or credit card! Well if you do cancel it swiftly.

The bad news is there’s another way to steal your money!

Using a hacked terminal.  A hacked terminal will work like normal, asking you to enter your pin and show the price you are going to pay. The problem is the amount you are paying is different from what appears on the screen. So you could be paying hundreds or thousands more. So to avoid this check your statements regularly or don’t pay by card to that weird man in the back alley.

Police have not caught anyone using these types of devices yet but University of Cambridge state that there are signs that similar devices to these are out there. The look or shapes of these devices are unknown until the police catch a user of such a device.

I am not sure I trust those guy’s at Cambridge University anymore. Why are they developing such machines that work so well? Maybe it is those funding cut’s that have pushed Cambridge University to raise funds by any means necessary.


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Thriller cat

Many people love cats and there’s a cat trying to become famous and be branded the new Micheal jackson. I think the cat has a long way to go yet though.

I had a little fun and made my own version:



Largest Fungus In The World Found

The image shows just shards that have broken off the mushroom. The whole mushroom is 35.5 feet long, 2.8 feet wide and about 2 inches thick. Scientist estimate that it is 20 years old and weighs at least half a ton according to the BBC.  That’s great, just enough for dinner.

This long fungal fruiting body was discovered growing under a felled tree in China. According to the BBC it was discovered by accident by Professor Yu-Cheng Dai of the herbarium of biology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shenyang. The researchers were in the field studying wood-decaying fungi when they came across it.Professor Yu-Cheng Dai said “We were not specifically looking for this fungus; we did not know the fungus can grow so huge.”

Now to clear things up a bit. This is the largest fruiting body found. Mushrooms and toadstools are actually the spore-bearing fruit of fungus, growing above soil or on top of its food source. So they are the sexual stages of a many higher types of fungi. The spores produce new generations of fungi.

So now when you see articles or stories about fungi being bigger than this and their not talking about the fruiting body then you know it’s not the spore-bearing part of the fungus.

Now the main question is how does it taste? I want to cook up a stir fry later.

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Kick to opponent’s neck by goalkeeper

In a match between Vasco da Gama and Sport Recife at the BH Cup U-19 tournament in Brazil the Sport Recife goalkeeper Gustavo delivered a flying kick to the back of the unsuspecting player’s neck. It looked like the attack would leave permanent damage to Vasco da Gama’s Elivelton but he is ok and only stayed in hospital for observation.

Gustavo got punished without delay and got released from his team Sport Recife before the players left the stadium that day. The police are investigating the attack but there’s not much to investigate is there? We can clearly see what he did.

What was Gustavo thinking! Too much blood rushed to his head at that moment and he went berserk!


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World’s cheapest laptop at $35 / £21.45 / €24.5 released

First I don’t know why the device is being labelled a laptop by the developers when clearly this is a tablet. This device is called Sakshat and was developed by the Indian Institute of Science and Technology of higher education. I dug up the specifications and they are:


• Display: 7” colour LCD/TFT
• Keyboard: Built in
• RAM: 2GB
• Hard Drive: 32GB
• Connectivity: Wifi, USB 2.0 (2), Ethernet port.
• Operating System: Android
• Power: 2 watt
• Processor: Unknown
• Expandable Memory upto 8GB (SD Card)
• VGA Port (For connecting to Projector)


Nothing here to run home to your mother about but for $35 it is not bad compared to Ipad for about $499. The Ipad can do much more though as the Sakshat is for simpler computer tasks such as creating documents or browsing the web. It would be nice to have a spare device to go onto the web with at the fraction of the cost of other devices. When my laptop fell and screen broke I had no suitable device to use on the go! The laptop was old so a new screen would cost the same price as a new laptop. It would have been great to have the Sakshat waiting for me as my spare device.


I would buy the Sakshat just in case I needed it one day but not because it’s a necessity. However this is not possible because there are no plans to sell the Sakshat to the public. This device is only available to students and education institutions in India. Plus the device doesn’t cost $35 at full price because the Indian government are subsidizing the cost by 50%.


So it might be a few years before we see this type of cheap device in our stores or you never know they could change their mind and start selling for Christmas! That would be great but highly unlikely.
Don’t let your head down just yet. A quick search on eBay has found similar devices for a similar cost.

Well it is kind of similar apart from having a delivery cost more than the device. If you buy this sort of device from china and it falls apart after 40 seconds and you ask for a refund and you get a reply saying: 没有退款,不退款不退款不退款!Don’t blame me!


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What the crocodile hat was that!

On a night out with a few friends we were talking and I burst out with the words “what the crocodile hat was that!” Everyone looked at me like I was a mad man. Well maybe I am but that’s not the point here.

A different day with a different group of people the same thing happened. They didn’t know what I was on about when I repeated the magical words “what the crocodile hat was that!”

Where the crocodile hat have you been! If you haven’t seen one of the greatest adverts ever then look no further!


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Why are there flying ants in my face?


If you live in Europe or North America you may have been swarmed by flying ants. In Europe they are active during the summer and North America in the autumn. The question is why are there so many ants about.

The reason for this is because it’s the season for love. Only the Lasius Niger (black garden ant) with wings mate. The male winged ants are only produced to mate and die about in a day after mating and most of the ants flying in the air are the males. The females are potential queens which after mating discard their wings and go off to find a nice new home to lay her eggs. Queens can survive for up to 15 years and some sources claim even more than this!

The winged ants mate in large swarms to increase the chances of the male ants getting lucky with the females while avoiding them pesky predators such as you. Remember to keep your mouth closed as you are ruining the chance for an ant to get laid if it ends up in your mouth.

So remember if you want your whole sole purpose of your life to be just getting laid then be a male winged Lasius Niger. It’s your sole purpose already?! Well good on you!

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