Imagine if we could travel like this in our cars!

Sadly this type of levitation called quantum levitation can’t be applied to vehicles just yet as because this disc is so thin it allows this process to happen. Applying this type of levitation to an item much bigger than the disc is a task that is very hard to achieve.

If you would like to find out about the process in detail go to where the process is explained in greater detail.

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Eel swims up man’s willy

That’s correct, you read the title right. An eel swam up a man’s genitals.

He was trying out a beauty fad which is to have a bath with many small eels and let them nibble away your dead skin to make your appear younger.

One eel had another plan and it was to swim into his willy all the way up into his bladder!

Vain Zhang Nan who is 56, was in agonizing pain as he tried to stop in eel from going in but because they are so slippery he had no luck and it went all the way in.

Vain Zhang Nan had to rush to the hospital where he immediately had surgery which took 3 hours and by that time found the eel dead which all took place in the city of Honghu, China.

So the moral of this story is choose your eel’s wisely. One might be a sexual predator.

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Train Surfing

On my! This is one of the most dangerous things I have seen people do. I guess if you have no sea nearby you try to find the next best thing. THIS IS NOT THE NEXT BEST THING. Please do not try and do this:

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Football skill SOOO good he tricked himself

I came across this short video of a footballer trying to use some skills…. Watch what happens

Wow if this was a video game that keeper would deserve a 99 skill rating

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Two to Four Male Millipede Legs become sex organs

Millipedes have legs that change into genitals which are usually referred to as gonopods . Millipedes should feature in the next transformers movie as the team at Italy’s University of Padova have discovered that they add more segments to their body, rearrange internal anatomy, nerve cord and digestive tract to be able to mate. So what is happening is like us moving our stomach and intestines closer to our chest just to be able to have sex.

Image by Giuseppe Fusco

I think a few male millipedes wish they were a bit taller and had longer legs *wink wink*

The dramatic transition requires a lot of energy from the millipede. When they are sexually mature ( have gonopod) they appear to have lost weight because of the energy required. Some millipedes stop the whole process to prevent it from starving to death.

Watch a very short video of two millipedes making love.

I ask is this all worth it just for sex?


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The Egglu, preventing wet butts since 2011

A former software engineer called George winter has invented a way to prevent your bottom getting wet while having a number two when you’re releasing that big cargo in the toilet and it’s called Egglu.

The way it works is if the cargo (poo) hit’s the egg shaped device then it slides off into the water creating no splash. If the cargo dodges the device and falls straight into the toilet water then the device gets sucked over the drop reducing the splash in the process.

The device cannot be flushed therefor it is always going to be there for the ride. It is cleaned when the toilet is flushed.

Also when you’re doing a wee it reduces the noise created.

Here is the device in action (Not real poop):

Now the real question here is which one of you is going to replace my old Egglu for me. It’s been in the toilet for months.

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Have trouble parallel parking? Learn from this guy

A new world record has been broken for the tightest parallel parking in the world. The driver from Germany called Ronny Wechselberger completed the attempt with 26cm to spare in a Volkswagen Polo.

This record wasn’t held for long though, somebody in china wanted to spoil the party and his name was Zhang Hua. He squeezed his car into a space just 24cm’s (9.45 inches) longer than the vehicle. Don’t try this at home or you will probably have a sad call to your insurance company.

Ronny Wechselberger 26cm to spare:

Zhang Hua 24cm to spare (New world record holder):

Remember this is a one way move. Once you’re in you aren’t getting out or can you? There should be a world record attempt for getting out of the tightest space in a car:

oh well there’s my idea out the window

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Ever wanted to shoot your alarm clock? Well this is for you!

Gun O’clock which is made by Bandai is a neat device. Gone the days when you just press a button to turn off your alarm. Now you shoot the target to turn off the alarm. It requires much more concentration than just pressing the snooze button. So for all you people who find it hard to wake up in the morning this might be for you. Busting a few caps off in the morning before work like any normal person would!

If you own a real gun keep it far away from this device as the police would be very concerned to why you are shooting up your room first thing in the morning.

You can purchase it here who deliver worldwide
for $69.99.

Here’s a advert for the device:

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Coach driver swap at 60MPH – A move that should be only seen in a film

Portsmouth FC fans were terrified when the coach they were traveling in, on the way to watch their team play swerved across the lanes heading off the road. The driver attempted to swap seats with another driver while the coach was moving at 60mph because he wanted to use the on coach toilet.

When the main driver let go of the steering wheel in the attempt to change, the coach swayed across the road causing the passengers to fear for their lives and also causing luggage and gear to fall from the overhead racks. The other driver took control and the main driver went to the toilet as planned. The drivers were suspended immediately when they reached their destination and a relief driver drove the coach back.

I guess when you gota go, YOU GOTA go!

Here’s a similar video of what occurred in the coach but in a much tighter space of a car:

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Levitate any object up to 12 ounces

There’s a brand new item called the Levitron Revolution. Any item which can fit onto the surface of the device it can levitate up to a weight of 12 ounces (340g). The device then slowly rotates the object making it more pleasing to view. It is a great device for your desktop or display cabinet. See it in action here:

Wow it cost’s $100! Well it’s great but not that great!

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