Why are there flying ants in my face?


If you live in Europe or North America you may have been swarmed by flying ants. In Europe they are active during the summer and North America in the autumn. The question is why are there so many ants about.

The reason for this is because it’s the season for love. Only the Lasius Niger (black garden ant) with wings mate. The male winged ants are only produced to mate and die about in a day after mating and most of the ants flying in the air are the males. The females are potential queens which after mating discard their wings and go off to find a nice new home to lay her eggs. Queens can survive for up to 15 years and some sources claim even more than this!

The winged ants mate in large swarms to increase the chances of the male ants getting lucky with the females while avoiding them pesky predators such as you. Remember to keep your mouth closed as you are ruining the chance for an ant to get laid if it ends up in your mouth.

So remember if you want your whole sole purpose of your life to be just getting laid then be a male winged Lasius Niger. It’s your sole purpose already?! Well good on you!