Eel swims up man’s willy

That’s correct, you read the title right. An eel swam up a man’s genitals.

He was trying out a beauty fad which is to have a bath with many small eels and let them nibble away your dead skin to make your appear younger.

One eel had another plan and it was to swim into his willy all the way up into his bladder!

Vain Zhang Nan who is 56, was in agonizing pain as he tried to stop in eel from going in but because they are so slippery he had no luck and it went all the way in.

Vain Zhang Nan had to rush to the hospital where he immediately had surgery which took 3 hours and by that time found the eel dead which all took place in the city of Honghu, China.

So the moral of this story is choose your eel’s wisely. One might be a sexual predator.

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