The Egglu, preventing wet butts since 2011

A former software engineer called George winter has invented a way to prevent your bottom getting wet while having a number two when you’re releasing that big cargo in the toilet and it’s called Egglu.

The way it works is if the cargo (poo) hit’s the egg shaped device then it slides off into the water creating no splash. If the cargo dodges the device and falls straight into the toilet water then the device gets sucked over the drop reducing the splash in the process.

The device cannot be flushed therefor it is always going to be there for the ride. It is cleaned when the toilet is flushed.

Also when you’re doing a wee it reduces the noise created.

Here is the device in action (Not real poop):

Now the real question here is which one of you is going to replace my old Egglu for me. It’s been in the toilet for months.

I Give it: