Have trouble parallel parking? Learn from this guy

A new world record has been broken for the tightest parallel parking in the world. The driver from Germany called Ronny Wechselberger completed the attempt with 26cm to spare in a Volkswagen Polo.

This record wasn’t held for long though, somebody in china wanted to spoil the party and his name was Zhang Hua. He squeezed his car into a space just 24cm’s (9.45 inches) longer than the vehicle. Don’t try this at home or you will probably have a sad call to your insurance company.

Ronny Wechselberger 26cm to spare:

Zhang Hua 24cm to spare (New world record holder):

Remember this is a one way move. Once you’re in you aren’t getting out or can you? There should be a world record attempt for getting out of the tightest space in a car:

oh well there’s my idea out the window

I Give it: