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Imagine if we could travel like this in our cars!

Sadly this type of levitation called quantum levitation can’t be applied to vehicles just yet as because this disc is so thin it allows this process to happen. Applying this type of levitation to an item much bigger than the disc is a task that is very hard to achieve. If you would like to …

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Ever wanted to shoot your alarm clock? Well this is for you!


Gun O’clock which is made by Bandai is a neat device. Gone the days when you just press a button to turn off your alarm. Now you shoot the target to turn off the alarm. It requires much more concentration than just pressing the snooze button. So for all you people who find it hard …

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Levitate any object up to 12 ounces

There’s a brand new item called the Levitron Revolution. Any item which can fit onto the surface of the device it can levitate up to a weight of 12 ounces (340g). The device then slowly rotates the object making it more pleasing to view. It is a great device for your desktop or display cabinet. …

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Chip and pin without the pin


Cambridge University have created a device that can use your chip and pin card without the pin. This large device can’t be used at ATM’s. It is for the small terminals used to carry out transactions in shops. When the device is entered into the terminal with the card attached the user can use any …

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World’s cheapest laptop at $35 / £21.45 / €24.5 released


First I don’t know why the device is being labelled a laptop by the developers when clearly this is a tablet. This device is called Sakshat and was developed by the Indian Institute of Science and Technology of higher education. I dug up the specifications and they are:   • Display: 7” colour LCD/TFT • …

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