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Two to Four Male Millipede Legs become sex organs

Mating Millipede

Millipedes have legs that change into genitals which are usually referred to as gonopods . Millipedes should feature in the next transformers movie as the team at Italy’s University of Padova have discovered that they add more segments to their body, rearrange internal anatomy, nerve cord and digestive tract to be able to mate. So …

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Largest Fungus In The World Found


The image shows just shards that have broken off the mushroom. The whole mushroom is 35.5 feet long, 2.8 feet wide and about 2 inches thick. Scientist estimate that it is 20 years old and weighs at least half a ton according to the BBC.  That’s great, just enough for dinner. This long fungal fruiting …

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Why are there flying ants in my face?


If you live in Europe or North America you may have been swarmed by flying ants. In Europe they are active during the summer and North America in the autumn. The question is why are there so many ants about. The reason for this is because it’s the season for love. Only the Lasius Niger …

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