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Eel swims up man’s willy


That’s correct, you read the title right. An eel swam up a man’s genitals. He was trying out a beauty fad which is to have a bath with many small eels and let them nibble away your dead skin to make your appear younger. One eel had another plan and it was to swim into …

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Train Surfing

On my! This is one of the most dangerous things I have seen people do. I guess if you have no sea nearby you try to find the next best thing. THIS IS NOT THE NEXT BEST THING. Please do not try and do this: I Give it:

The Egglu, preventing wet butts since 2011


A former software engineer called George winter has invented a way to prevent your bottom getting wet while having a number two when you’re releasing that big cargo in the toilet and it’s called Egglu. The way it works is if the cargo (poo) hit’s the egg shaped device then it slides off into the …

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Have trouble parallel parking? Learn from this guy

A new world record has been broken for the tightest parallel parking in the world. The driver from Germany called Ronny Wechselberger completed the attempt with 26cm to spare in a Volkswagen Polo. This record wasn’t held for long though, somebody in china wanted to spoil the party and his name was Zhang Hua. He …

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Coach driver swap at 60MPH – A move that should be only seen in a film


Portsmouth FC fans were terrified when the coach they were traveling in, on the way to watch their team play swerved across the lanes heading off the road. The driver attempted to swap seats with another driver while the coach was moving at 60mph because he wanted to use the on coach toilet. When the …

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Thriller cat

Many people love cats and there’s a cat trying to become famous and be branded the new Micheal jackson. I think the cat has a long way to go yet though. I had a little fun and made my own version: Original:  

What the crocodile hat was that!

On a night out with a few friends we were talking and I burst out with the words “what the crocodile hat was that!” Everyone looked at me like I was a mad man. Well maybe I am but that’s not the point here. A different day with a different group of people the same …

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Whats wrong with this time?


Theres a problem with this time, dive into your brain quickly and sort it out before you turn into a cabbage