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Chip and pin without the pin


Cambridge University have created a device that can use your chip and pin card without the pin. This large device can’t be used at ATM’s. It is for the small terminals used to carry out transactions in shops. When the device is entered into the terminal with the card attached the user can use any …

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Thriller cat

Many people love cats and there’s a cat trying to become famous and be branded the new Micheal jackson. I think the cat has a long way to go yet though. I had a little fun and made my own version: Original:  

Largest Fungus In The World Found


The image shows just shards that have broken off the mushroom. The whole mushroom is 35.5 feet long, 2.8 feet wide and about 2 inches thick. Scientist estimate that it is 20 years old and weighs at least half a ton according to the BBC.  That’s great, just enough for dinner. This long fungal fruiting …

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Kick to opponent’s neck by goalkeeper

In a match between Vasco da Gama and Sport Recife at the BH Cup U-19 tournament in Brazil the Sport Recife goalkeeper Gustavo delivered a flying kick to the back of the unsuspecting player’s neck. It looked like the attack would leave permanent damage to Vasco da Gama’s Elivelton but he is ok and only …

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World’s cheapest laptop at $35 / £21.45 / €24.5 released


First I don’t know why the device is being labelled a laptop by the developers when clearly this is a tablet. This device is called Sakshat and was developed by the Indian Institute of Science and Technology of higher education. I dug up the specifications and they are:   • Display: 7” colour LCD/TFT • …

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What the crocodile hat was that!

On a night out with a few friends we were talking and I burst out with the words “what the crocodile hat was that!” Everyone looked at me like I was a mad man. Well maybe I am but that’s not the point here. A different day with a different group of people the same …

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Why are there flying ants in my face?


If you live in Europe or North America you may have been swarmed by flying ants. In Europe they are active during the summer and North America in the autumn. The question is why are there so many ants about. The reason for this is because it’s the season for love. Only the Lasius Niger …

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Whats wrong with this time?


Theres a problem with this time, dive into your brain quickly and sort it out before you turn into a cabbage

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